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Hi there! 

I'm Camille with Camcamschem and this is going to be my new blog! I have been excited about this moment for a long time! It is no secret that I LOVE chemistry. In fact, I'm obsessed with chemistry and how it is used in our everyday lives especially cosmetics and skincare. I love it so much I teach chemistry as a subject and I also have my own natural skincare brand called The Soapy Bar. Now, I feel it is time to sprinkle some chemistry glitter around to other natural brands like myself to help them grow their brand while being able to educate themselves and their clients. 

This blog will discuss current cosmetic chemistry and business topics and hopefully share useful information that other makers like myself can use. Camcamschem will be offering educational classes with an emphasis on the chemistry behind making products. We will cover topics such as safety, Good Manufacturing Practices, preservatives, lipids (oils and butters), basic chemistry, and more. The goal will be to help makers become comfortable with their ingredients, uses, and to provide inspiration. Owning a business and making products is a journey and I look forward to flowing through this journey with you!