COVID-19 Statement

Posted by Camille Sanon on

At The Soapy Bar, we are committed to creating a product that is safe and beneficial to each and every person who uses them. We are careful to use safe manufacturing practices to produce a safe and reliable product during production. We will and have always worn full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while manufacturing your products.  We will continue to follow Safe Manufacturing Practices to ensure quality of your products.

We also want you to know that our background in Chemistry helps us to not only insure that your products are formulated correctly, but that they are also professionally formulated and crafted. You will have the best of both the handmade and professional worlds with us.

In recent months, COVID-19 emerged as a threat to our nation and we found the need to protect ourselves and your products the best we can. As a result, we made changes in how we handle your shipments and our sales model. We have our shipments picked up by our post office mail person when possible to minimize person to person contact. We have stopped selling in person to reduce handling from others.

Plantation Volunteer Park holds many fond memories for us, after all we've made some wonderful friendships and connections there!  While we miss your faces, unfortunately, we have had to institute some changes to insure the safety of our products. Although the city has allowed the market to continue, we have decided not to return until the rate of COVID infections decline. We will revisit our decision in the fall. Until then, stay safe and we wish you the best!