About Us

The Soapy Bar strives to create products that will enhance your life. We owe it to ourselves to live a life authentic to who we are and within our belief systems.  We believe that life is a gift and that we should strive to spread kindness and love. We believe that sometimes, we have to shut out the world around us and live in the moment.

The Soapy Bar creates cocoa butter infused artisan soap from scratch using cold and hot process methods with organic oils. Each soap is handcrafted in small batches using herbs, botanicals, and natural additives. Each ingredient is selected based on several factors including quality, sustainability, and organic certification.

The Soapy Bar believes in the power of nature and the importance of nurturing emotional, physical, and emotional well-being. Essential oils are used in most products offered by The Soapy Bar to impart the many properties these plant derived oils have to offer. The essential oils used by The Soapy Bar are either steam distilled or cold pressed for the maximum benefit without the presence of harmful chemicals.

The Soapy Bar embraces each moment we have. In this busy world, there are few times in which one can actually stop and nurture their body. Oftentimes, the bath or shower is the only place where one can exist uninterrupted.  The Soapy Bar provides a natural oasis where one can nurture their mind, body, and soul without worry about harmful ingredients. 

The Soapy Bar was inspired by its founder's search for a safe product to use on her son's sensitive skin. Camille found that too many baby products were highly perfumed, and full of unnecessary ingredients. The most natural options were few and far in between. Using her chemistry background and research, she created a gentle soap to use on her baby boy. With that, the seeds of The Soapy Bar was planted. Today, it has bloomed into a company that values the power of nature and wants to share the best nature has to offer with others!