Perfume Roll Ons

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Since The Soapy Bar loves to provide their customers only the best, all perfumes are made with golden jojoba oil as their carrier oil. Each perfume is blended to provide a nice fragrance that is not overpowering. Each one is crafted to blend in with your own natural scent to create an essence that is all your own!

Bite Me: Cherry, Citrus, and a Touch of Green.

Roses: Rose Geranium essential oil.

Dark Passion: Rose Geranium - Patchouli - Rose absolute

Egyptian Musk: Musk - Patchouli – Rose - Frankincense

Patchouli: Deep, Dark Patchouli essential oil

Pink Sugar: Raspberry – Vanilla – Soft Musk-Lemon Drops

Yummy Candy: Cotton candy -Bubblegum - Musk

Ginger Peach: Juicy Peach - Earthy Ginger

Vanilla Sugar: Warm Sugar - Enticing Vanilla