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Oakmoss & Amber Body Oil

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Oakmoss and Amber fragrance, in a moisturizing multipurpose oil. 

The Soapy Bar  Bath and Body Oil can be used from head to toe.

  • When used in the shower before drying off, it will leave you with beautiful, glowing, and touchable soft skin.
  • You can use the oil as a bath oil to moisturize your skin and provide a scented atmosphere while you soak. 
  • Our oils can be used in your hair or locs as a light moisturizer.
  • You can use the oil as a gentle method to dissolve and remove makeup from your face at night. 

  • You can use our oil as a facial moisturizer (unscented is recommended) to give your skin a lovely nourished foundation for your daytime routine. 

Ingredients: Grapeseed, sweet almond, and Coconut Oil sinks in easily and will provide instant moisture and suppleness to your skin. This oil can be used from head to toe.